Sporty rafting in Bidarray - Basque Country

Descent of the Nive in spring

In spring, there is more flow and the descent becomes more sporty.

Enjoy the good levels of water from April!


Progress of the session(Approximately 2:30 according to the water level) :

  • We make an appointment with you in the rafting center Ur Ederra (located at the arrival of the descent).
  • You leave your car in our parking lot and your personal belongings are kept in our school.
  • Equipment combinations integral neoprene, vest and helmet.
  • Shuttle bus to the beginning of the descent.
  • Explanation of navigation techniques and safety instructions.
  • Descent of the "Nive" 7 km, interspersed with rock jumping and various animations, to the center, which is 40 meters from the river.

In the rafting center, we are equipped with a photo place. You will also have at your disposal a man cloakroom, a woman cloakroom and hot showers.

In front of our rafting center is the bar-restaurant Noblia where you can relax with family on their beautiful terrace.

Freestyle 2014

Sporty rafting on the Nive

Freestyle 2013

Sporty rafting on the Nive

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Sporty rafting on the Nive

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Sporty rafting on the Nive