UR EDERRA Payments

1 child
(under 12)

The rafting descent of the Nive at Bidarray in the Basque Country in the 64 for a child under 12 years old.

Journey Green, blue Or red depending on the period and the water levels. The descent is supervised by a state-qualified instructor who will guide your raft. Count 2h30-3h00 for the activity depending on the water level.

Discover the Nive in Bidarray with the Basque Country rafting school Ur Ederra during a rafting descent in the 64
A child rafting descent (from 4 to 11 years old) must be accompanied by the presence of an adult throughout the duration of the activity.

You will receive your order confirmation by email as soon as payment has been validated.
All you have to do is contact Peyo to agree on the day and time of your descent.



36€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

26€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

66€/ person

2 descents of 2h30/3h00
allows you to try and discover several whitewater sports activities.

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