UR EDERRA Payments

Multi-boat descent gift voucher

You choose your boat: Canoraft, Kayakraft, Miniraft or Torpedo (choose from the options below)

You will descend the gorges of the Nive valley in semi-autonomy on a new generation machine supervised by our experienced and passionate team. Count 02:30 – 03:00 per descent depending on the water level.

You will receive your gift voucher by post. For those in a hurry, we can also send you a gift voucher to print. If you wish to pay by check, download and print our gift voucher form whitewater and associated disciplines.



36€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

26€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

66€/ person

2 descents of 2h30/3h00
allows you to try and discover several whitewater sports activities.

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