Rafting + off-road scooter Basque Country

The rafting descent in Bidarray + 2h00 cross scooter on Mount Baigura (897m) 59€/person

In the morning, you will descend from the Nive de Osses to Bidarray in the superb gorges of the Nive on inflatable machines. You can choose between rafting with a monitor (stable and safe boat for 8 people) or semi-autonomous machines (mini raft, canoe raft, torpedo or kayak raft). After being equipped with life jackets, helmet and paddle, a bus will take you to the start where our team of professionals will provide you with essential safety and navigation advice. You will then embark on an aquatic descent of 2h30 to 3h00 depending on the water levels and you will be full of sensations and fun.

An old pair of tennis shoes (or rental of neoprene slippers at 2 euros) and a swimsuit will be necessary.

In the afternoon, you will go to the base of the BaÏgura between Louhossoa and Hélette, 15 minutes from Bidarray to discover with a mountain bike sports instructor, the wonderful landscapes offered by the mountains of the Basque country. Using an all-terrain scooter, you will hurtle down the slopes of Mount Baïgura (altitude 897 m). This machine equipped with suitable tires will allow you to descend improbable terrains. After having discussed with you the different technical points to tame the machine, namely balance, braking and trajectory, the instructor will guide you until your arrival (from 600 to 700 meters of difference in altitude). The speed is adapted according to your level so that you can enjoy the environment and ensure maximum pleasure.

For this activity, bring a pair of tennis shoes and a sports outfit.

For bachelor parties for young girls or young boys, with family or friends, this package will allow you to fill up on thrills and memories.

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