Special EVJF

Ur Ederra rafting in Bidarray is the rafting 64 specialist for bachelor parties since 1995.

We are organizing a challenge for the future bride. She will have to steer her boat in semi-autonomy, always supervised by a monitor. Throughout the descent the future bride will be confronted with different challenges (rock jump between 2 m and 8 m for example…). We won't tell you more to keep the element of surprise.

* From 7 people in mini-raft.

Free for the bride-to-be for bachelorette parties (EVJF)*

Bachelorette party in the Basque Country.

On site all amenities:
36€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

26€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

66€/ person

2 to three descents of 2h30/3h00
allows you to try and discover several whitewater sports activities.

Rafting down the Nive in Bidarray in the Basque Country (Pyrenees 64).

Bachelorette party rafting

Ur Ederra Rafting in the Basque Country in Bidarray offers you the super formula " Bachelorette party rafting »
– The future bride will put herself in the shoes of an instructor to lead a mini-raft herself on the Ossés/Bidarray route.

For EVjf we organize all kinds of challenges, such as: rock jumping from 3 to 8 meters high (optional).
A break in our sheltered picnic area (in case of rain).
We offer free admission for the future bride from 7 people…enjoy!

Other formulas:

"Paintball bachelorette party"
"Raft/paintball special EVJF"

Supervised by experienced instructors

You will navigate in a natural and wild environment where the Basque identity is still very present. This natural space is guarded by herds of ewes, cows and Pottok (a breed of very old stocky Basque small horses, living in semi-freedom in the middle of the mountains).

Open from 09:00 to 19:00 in July and August

All year round by reservation

Adventure 64 is a group of professionals from sport-leisure which aims, through a pooling of resources and skills, to make you spend excellent moments of entertainment during your vacation At Pays Basque.

Of the Basque coast inside of Pays BasqueAdventure 64 offers you a very wide range ofhobbies nautical, nature, aerial, sports, fun, indoor, motorized or not; as a family, in a group or individually. Peyo the base manager can organize an à la carte program for you.

 There variety of leisure activities At Pays Basque made ofAdventure 64 an ideal partner for you!

the rafter's plate

Find the rafter's plate for 12€ at the Noblia hotel/restaurant