Rafting Spain Extreme
198€/ person

Allow 60€ (in addition to the command)
for full board
(payment on site directly to the hotel)

Pentecost weekend

Rafting Spain Extreme

Pentecost weekend in the Catalan Pyrenees

Spend an extreme rafting weekend in the Pyrenees and discover the Rio Noguera Pallaresa in Catalonia (Spanish Pyrenees). It is one of the biggest European courses!

On Sunday
(38 km descent)

(15 km descent)

We start above the Pont se Llavorsi, at the end of the straight line we will stay on the left bank side because there is a dangerous siphon in the middle of the river.

After 15 minutes of navigation in class 2/3 we arrive at the 1st passage class 4, "The washing machine" also now called "the elephant". This rapid is in the shape of a square on the right and ends in a huge roll which bars almost the entire river.

Then we engage our inflatable boat in the most beautiful sequence of the course, "the 800 meters" and the "400 meters". A kilometer and a half of large class 3 and class 4 rapids...it is better to avoid swimming too long in these rapids.

The “La dent de requin” rapid is an arm of the river that starts on the right and ends in a square on the left. After an accident in this rapid, the large rock (called a shark's tooth) which was on the right and which made this passage so interesting, was removed.

The passage of “Mélanie” is a large roller which is in the middle of the river.
The "Spanish 4" is in a left turn and recalls in the middle. You can tighten to the left (easier) or do a right/left (more technical and more FUN).

“The Dam” could happen at the time. Peyo Dendaletche has crossed it several times in rafts and kayaks. The pass on the middle left sent us on a huge rock that siphoned off. It was necessary (in raft) anticipated a rear ferry. This maneuver was very technical. Since then the huge rock has been removed and it is no longer safe to try to pass this dam.
“The Sort slalom basin” is a big chain of waves over 1 kilometer. It ends with 2 superb waves to surf.
"La Fourche" is a big passage on a left turn which splits into 2 river arms. We return to the left and have to send a back ferry over the island to reach the right arm, because the left arm is often crowded.
“The barometer” is located near the village of Baro. The entrance happens on the left or on the right of the island. You have to be careful, under the bridge there are big rocks which form a big abseil in good water levels.
“Le pastis” is the biggest passage of the rio. It's a big downhill on the left with a huge wave train. This passage can be classified in class 5 by certain water levels. Magic !!!

"Banana split" is a huge roll that sits on the right bank in a wave train. You can easily miss it when you don't know the course well!
We then enter "the Collegats defile", this exceptionally beautiful gorge will plunge you into a "far west" atmosphere with its steep red cliffs (sedimentary rock, the pudding stone).

The Noguera Pallaresa watercourse belongs entirely to the province of Lérida, in Catalonia, and runs for 154 km.
La Noguera Pallaresa has its source at Pla de Beret, in the Val d'Aran, a few meters from the source of the Garonne. Unlike this one, which goes towards the Atlantic Ocean, the Noguera Pallaresa flows south and crosses Pallars and the comarca of Pallars Sobirà, then the gorges of Collegats, in the comarca of Pallars Jussà.
It then joins the Flamisell at Pobla de Segur then emerges on the right edge of the Sègre a few kilometers after leaving the territories that gave it its name, by the defile of Terradets which crosses the Sierra del Monsec, just before reaching the dam of Camarasa (comarca of La Noguera, province of Lleida).

Open from 09:00 to 19:00 in July and August

All year round by reservation

La Noguera Pallaresa …The best rafting Pyrenees !!!

Peyo Dendaletche, the director of Ur Ederra Rafting started his career at Pyrénées rafting with Alain Artigues in Pau.

He then passed his canoe-kayak state certificate with Henri Estanguet as a trainer, also in Pau.

La Noguera Pallaresa the must of European raft courses!!!