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Rafting Summer Camps

Rafting with friends/summer camps

Ur Ederra is the rafting specialist in the Basque Country.

A flawless organization since 1995 and a team of pros (state patent) of great experience, directed by Peyo Dendaletche who has been working in the whitewater sector since 1989 (he himself holds several state patents).

Ur Ederra Rafting has existed since April 1995 and its director Peyo Dendaletche (state graduate since 1994) has been practicing in the profession since 1989.

We offer multi-boat descents where people can try all of them on the descent. It is important to satisfy each customer by offering different gear on the water. The less sporty will prefer to stay on the rafts with an instructor while the others will prefer to be semi-autonomous on smaller boats. Our base is equipped with women's and men's changing rooms with hot showers.

We have a sheltered picnic area and the Noblia hotel/bar/restaurant opposite the base will welcome you with its superb shaded terrace.

Rafting is the most stable boat on the Nive,

Rafting is the most stable boat on the Nive, in Bidarray in the Basque Country. It's accessible to all. Friendliness and good humor are always there. You will sail on a professional, foolproof inflatable boat (rafting). A guide will be on board and will supervise you throughout the descent. This is the most beautiful way to discover the Nive along the water in the Basque Country by rafting. Only 30 minutes from Biarritz

“Green rafting”, “blue rafting” or “red rafting” route depending on the period and the water levels.

Would you like more information on rafting in the Basque Country?
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Discover rafting with the Basque Country rafting school

Discover rafting with the Basque Country rafting school, accompanied by experienced guides who are passionate about white water. The magnificent gorges of the Nive (which have their source above Saint Jean Pied de Port and Saint Etienne de Baigorry), will take you to Biddaray, a superb typical village in the heart of the Basque Country in the Pyrenees 64. 

Knowing how to swim and immerse yourself is compulsory.

Ur Ederra Rafting in Bidarray in the Pyrenees 64 is a structure approved by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports under number 06496ET0162

Entertainment and good humor guaranteed!

You are on vacation at Biarritz, Bidarray is only 30 minutes from Biarritz.

You have already visited the museum of the sea of Biarritz, the city of the Ocean of Biarritz view the rock of the Virgin to Biarritz !!! So come join us in Bidarray just a few kilometers from Biarritz.

36€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

26€/ person

2h30/3h00 depending on water level

66€/ person

2 to three descents of 2h30/3h00
allows you to try and discover several whitewater sports activities.

Open from 09:00 to 19:00 in July and August

All year round by reservation

Are you on vacation in Bidart or Guethary and looking for a fun activity?
Have you ever rafted?
We have our formula Bidart rafting »
You will be aboard a 6/8 person boat with a monitor in the back. This guide will direct you throughout the descent and will ensure your safety while telling you all the beautiful stories of the Nive, a magnificent wild river in the Pays Basque.
You have already rafted or you are very athletic!
Also choose our formula Bidart rafting +»
You will be offered to be more involved in your descent into semi-autonomy. You will direct your boat yourself, always supervised by an instructor who will watch over your safety.
You can choose between:
THE kayak-raft if you are alone
THE canoe-raft if you are two
THE mini raft if you are three, four or five