Multi-boat day
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66€/ person

2 descents of 2h30/3h00
allows you to try and discover several whitewater sports activities.

5h / 6h depending on water level

Rafting Itxassou, 2nd multi-boat course

Be an actor in your descent, by directing yourself, in semi-autonomy, a new generation machine (Ossés/ Bidarray and Bidarray/Itxassou)…

The Ur Ederra Rafting instructors in Bidarray (specialists in supervising small boats in the Pyrenees 64), will supervise you and ensure your safety throughout the whitewater course to Itxassou.

Descent of the Nive

Descent of the Nive in mini-rafting, cano-rafting (inflatable canoe also called canoraft or hot-dog), kayak-rafting (inflatable kayak also called air-boat or airyak), torpedo (big sausage where you will be astride) in Bidarray with the Basque Country rafting school in the Pyrénées Atlantiques 64.


In the morning, after having equipped yourself with full suits, a life jacket (even if you know how to swim), a helmet and a paddle, you will board the bus that will take you to the start of the route in Ossés. Magnificent place in the valley in the heart of the Basque mountains. The instructors will give you a whitewater briefing for this day activity and off we go for this magnificent thrilling hike. You will fill up on adrenaline by trying out the different boats during the day. The end of this morning will be at Bidarray Rafting, then departure in the afternoon for the Pas de Rolland in Itxassou in the Pyrenees 64.

Supervised by experienced instructors

Come and try your hand at the Basque Country rafting school (Ossés/Bidarray and Bidarray/Itxassou), supervised by experienced river guides who are passionate about their profession. The Nive, a superb wild river crossing the magnificent Nive gorges (which has its source above Saint Jean Pied de Port and Saint Etienne de Baigorry), where small and large rapids alternate.

Rafting down the Nive in Bidarray in the Basque Country (Pyrenees 64).

Open from 09:00 to 19:00 in July and August

All year round by reservation

The Nive at Bidarray is the ideal course to discover white water with small boats.

The paths " canoe Saint Jean Pied de Port » and « kayak Saint Etienne de Baigorry are beautiful descents in canoraft (inflatable canoe) or kayakraft (inflatable kayak).
The Saint Jean Pied de Port rafting course is less interesting.

This Nive crosses Bayonne (small Bayonne left bank and large Bayonne right bank) and will take you to the Atlantic Ocean. The best of Atlantic Pyrenees rafting!

the rafter's plate

Find the rafter's plate for 12€ at the Noblia hotel/restaurant