Rafting and Quad Formula
86€/ person

Our Quads :

Top-of-the-range ARCTIC CAT 400 cc QUAD: the must in its category with its 4 wheels and independent suspensions, the ARCTIC CAT 400 is positioned as the leader among quads in this segment, offering great ground clearance for crossings, , unequaled stability for maximum safety (unlike old generation quads with rigid shafts and single rear shock absorbers).

Its medium-sized frame and its 2-person approval make it possible to carry out two-seater hikes without any problem whatever the size of the participants. These two combined advantages make it a vehicle capable of overcoming all sorts of obstacles (slopes, quagmires, trunks, stones, etc.) on the slopes.
Come quickly to try it!

For your safety, our touring quads are constantly overhauled in our workshop by our qualified mechanics.

The chart :

-Respect for fauna and flora (very important!)
- Observance of the highway code
-The guides are qualified and have first aid training
-The guides are equipped with a first aid box, mobile phones, a one kilo powder fire extinguisher...
-All the routes are accessible to emergency vehicles (4×4) and allow a connection with mobile telephone operators.
-Regrouping stops are made when necessary
-The crossing of passages deemed difficult is carried out under the visual control of the guide
-For a number of quad riders less than or equal to 6, the frame is made up of a single guide
- Beyond 6 quads a second guide is necessary
-Possibility to split a group in two according to the level of the participants

Quad Manager: David 06 10 79 57 74 www.quadenature.com

Rafting / Quad

Quad and rafting in the Basque Country

A superb day quad / rafting Basque Country awaits you.

Rafting in Bidarray in the magnificent gorges of the Nive valley (Atlantic Pyrenees) + 2 hours of quad biking in Saint Jean de Luz on the wild heights of Saint Pée sur Nivelle.

The morning

In the morning you will be immersed in the superb gorges of La Nive, a magnificent wild river in the heart of the Basque country.

During this aquatic hike you will be able to observe the vultures of the Artzamendi (mountain of the bear in Basque language) which fly above your heads and if you observe carefully you will see American minks running on the banks.

In the rapids Thrills and adrenaline are on the program.

Knowing how to swim is mandatory!

The afternoon

The afternoon quad activity with high-end vehicles, which you can drive if you hold a B license (car), A1…,
experience a unique hike that will immerse you in the heart of Basque nature, with a breathtaking view of the Rhune
(mythical mountain of the Basques), and which will end on a magnificent plateau where an ocean background will be added!

This is the "discovery" ride where you can pilot or be a passenger thanks to our 2-seater homologated quads.
The departure takes place in Saint Jean de Luz. You can discover the quad in the magnificent Basque landscapes.
All our hikes are supervised by professional guides.

Open from 09:00 to 19:00 in July and August

All year round by reservation

2 hours solo on the quad + rafting descent (2h30):
2 hours in duo on the quad + descent in rafting (2h30): 
168€ = 84 €/person

the rafter's plate

Find the rafter's plate for 12€ at the Noblia hotel/restaurant