Cano-raft Pays Basque

Canoeing Basque Country
(from 12 years old depending on water level)

Be an actor in your descent by directing yourself, in semi-autonomy, a new generation machine. Always supervised by a professional guide.

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Direct your boat yourself, in semi-autonomy, always supervised by a professional guide.
The Cano-raft is an inflatable boat that is also called a “hot dog”. Pierre renamed this boat canoraft so that the name is more representative of the boat.
Embark on a discovery of white water in the Basque Country with Ur Ederra Rafting in Bidarray. The boat generally allows 2 people to take place.
All-terrain canoeing can be found in the rafting descent section.
Called canoe in Canada and Canadian canoe in France, the canoe or canoe is a type of undecked and very light canoe used for navigation on lakes and rivers. A simple paddle is used to steer the boat. When the canoe is equipped with side daggerboards, it may exceptionally have a lateen sail.
Originally built by North American Indian peoples, the canoe today sees its use in different recreational and sporting practices. We call canoeist or sometimes céiste the practitioner of canoeing. 

In French, the expression "canoe kayak" designating the practice of sport or leisure with any paddle-propelled boat often creates confusion between canoe and kayak (Inuit boat). T he term “canoe” can be synonymous with any simple paddle boat.

We find the origin of the term canoe in the language of the Indians of North America in the 18th century but would come from the Spanish word canoa. Built in tree trunks, these boats allowed the Indians to move on rivers and lakes and avoid them to cross very dense forests. They also found their usefulness in the practice of hunting and fishing, during travels and during wars.

Led in a kneeling position with a single paddle, the canoe is an open craft. 
The term kayak comes from the language of the Eskimos and designates a small fishing boat propelled, steered and balanced by a paddle and made of sealskins stretched over a light wooden frame.