Mini-Raft Basque Country

Mini-Raft Basque Country
(from 12 years old depending on water level)

Be an actor in your descent by directing yourself, in semi-autonomy, a new generation machine. Always supervised by a professional guide.

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The mini-raft can accommodate between 3 and 5 people on our descents in the Basque country. A very playful little raft to face strong waves. With friends, book your mini-raft just for you! You will not have other people on board. The instructors will give you a briefing and you will go semi-autonomously...but you are not alone in the rapids. The instructors will supervise you in a kayak or an inflatable canoe. This is the activity that will give you maximum thrills and adrenaline in whitewater. For EVG and EVJF, the future groom will be the instructor of this boat. Of course, you have to know how to swim. Otherwise you can hike in the Basque mountains of the valley, known throughout the Pyrénées Atlantiques.

The mini raft is an activity born from the desire to be able, among other things, to allow explorers, adventurers and tourists to descend rivers or rivers. It was in the United States that we saw the first descents in the 1950s. Rafting was then an inflatable boat and was handled with a paddle. The guide steers his boat using wooden oars. Crew members could serve as ballast when passing rapids.

It was in the 1970s that we saw the development of so-called “commercial” descents… namely the tourist paying for his service to descend a particular river. The Colorado Canyon was then discovered for all to see through this.

10 years later, rafting arrived in France thanks to white water enthusiasts. Canoeers or kayakers for the most part, they founded a first association “Aventure Nouvelle” then a company “Aventure Nature” which became An Rafting later. The first descents took place on the Isère, the Ubaye, the Allier then the Cure or the Chalaux.

Today, we have a large number of service providers in all the valleys of France. The activity has been popularized, you can now buy these rafting trips online, turnkey rafting weekends exist from the most common to the most original, and “challenges” type services adapted to companies to enhance seminars.

Let yourself navigate on this site and discover the most beautiful rivers in France and the different formulas available to you!