La torpille au Pays Basque

The Torpedo

Activity Sport Leisure Basque Country
(à partir de 18 ans)

Be an actor in your descent by directing yourself, in semi-autonomy, a new generation machine. Always supervised by a professional guide.

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Want to take up the torpedo challenge? Will you be able not to turn around during the descent? Don't worry, the guide will always be there to fish you out!
On the program: sensations and adrenaline. Perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties.
The torpedo can accommodate between 2 and 4 people
Rodeos and snorkeling on 64 rafting rivers to be found in the rafting descent section.
The torpedo is the boat the most unstable that exists in the world of rafting in the Pyrenees Atlantiques. You have a one in two chance of flipping over when riding a wave in the rapids. Astride, the boat is propelled by paddle. You will always be supervised by an instructor but it is essential to know how to swim. This activity can be compared to a descent in a canyon because you will have to spend a lot of time in the water. Don't panic, the instructors, all state-qualified and passionate about white water, will pick you up and bring you back to your boat. By choosing several different boats, you will be able to rotate between you on different supports and thus rest a little on more stable boats such as the mini raft or the cano raft.
The torpedo is an unsinkable inflatable raft (designed for rafting) that allows you to cross rapids inaccessible to most boats (except canoe-raft and kayak-raft).

It was in the 1950s on the Colorado River in the United States that rafting was born as a recreational and commercial activity. Descents were offered to thrill seekers (tourists or adventurers) and the practice of this activity has continued to develop ever since. Nowadays you can go rafting on all continents. Appeared in France in the 1980s, rafting is practiced on all French rivers.

The torpedo first appeared on the Nive in the Basque Country in 1992